Pool Service

Vacation Service

Going out of town, don’t trust your kids or friends?

We offer a limited service that includes checking equipment, check and balance chemicals, vacuum pool, check and adjust water level if needed. (Sorry the entire summer does not qualify for vacation service, nice try! Please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance.)

Chemical Check

You are comfortable with your pool equipment and maintenance, just want to double check your chemical readings and double check the equipment (backwashing your sand or D.E. filter is included)

Education & Consulting

We go to pool school, do you?

Education is not just for new pool owners. It is great for DIY’ers or just seasonal reminders (maybe your pool or kids grew up over the winter.)

2 hour introduction/explanation to your pool includes:

  • explanation of your specific pool equipment
  • labeling of valves, piping and equipment
  • check current pool chemistry
  • check pool chemicals on hand
  • suggest maintenance schedule for your pool & equipment
  • suggestions on specialty products or pool equipment upgrades that will make your pool easier to maintain. This assessment is based on your specific pool. (For example, automatic chlorinators work well on many pools, but not all pools will benefit from this feature. Additionally, with the multitude of automatic chlorinators available, which one is suited for your specific back yard?)

Ongoing Service

We provide ongoing service to residential and commercial accounts. Our service generally ranges from weekly or more frequently to monthly service. Our service area is limited so please contact us for more information.

Commercial Services

We provide short and long term service to Condominiums, Apartments and Neighborhood pools that do not require lifeguards. Contact us to submit a proposal.